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Staying Sharp PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pete Caulfield   

Staying Sharp

Even as a fairly simple exercise, a knife-making project can see you end up the proud owner of a blade that is useful in the field and at home. And home is a good proof for a knife—except for combat, there is no harder test for a knife than in the kitchen…

in 2006 we published an article on how to take an old file and make a knife. This is a modified and updated version of the original.

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For the Love of Wood PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sue Allison   

For the Love of Wood

Two decades ago, Bruce Fergus was lecturing in business studies at Otago Polytechnic; today he is a full-time wood artist living in Marlborough. Bruce is also a musician who plays most stringed instruments in the folk, bluegrass and Celtic genres and his initial foray into the woodworking world was to fill a void when his band-mates shifted out of Dunedin around 1998

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WORKS of art PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ray Cleaver   

WORKS of art

Bryce Barnett loves cars. He loves them so much he has amassed two sheds full of classic cars, tracked down and bought the same model car he learned to drive in 47 years ago and even found the same model of the first car he owned and covered it in ivy in his garden.

Bryce’s cars are not the computer designed, all-looking-the-same cars of today. From a big 1967 Cadillac DeVille to a rather famous VW Beetle, these cars have originality and “lines”.

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The Sky's The Limit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sue Allison   

The Sky's The Limit

Plenty of people love old warplanes and quite a few tinker with vintage engines, but there’s only one place in the world where you can order a brand new 100-year-old aircraft engine and that’s in a shed on the outskirts of Blenheim.

Tony Wytenburg, chief engineer and owner of Classic Aero Machining Service Ltd (CAMS), remanufactures parts for vintage warplanes as well as modern and experimental aircraft in a converted half-hangar in Omaka.

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Final voyage PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jane Fletcher   

Final voyage

Sanding, drilling and varnishing can be therapeutic; they provide a time to confront and resolve some of life’s big questions.

Carterton resident Brian Scadden worked diligently for several months in his garage while coming to terms with the impending death of his older brother Ken. Unable to help Ken in his fight with terminal cancer, Brian decided that there was something that he could do for him—design and construct his coffin.

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Installing A Digital Readout PDF Print E-mail
Written by Geoff Merryweather   

Installing A Digital Readout

While they are common in industry, digital readouts (DRO) are an addition that many sheddies have wanted for a long time on their lathe or milling machine, but the prices have always been outside the budget. Thanks to modern electronics the prices have been falling and you can now buy new for what second-hand units usually cost.

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