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Dec / Jan 10
Ramping it up PDF Print E-mail
Written by BOB HULME   

RampMake a straightforward pair of ramps for home car maintenance using this simple plan which relies on angle iron and 15-mm thick construction ply. When I started this project, I designed each ramp to be made from one six-metre length of angle iron. But when the completed ramps were tried with a medium-to-heavy car on them, the deflection of the plywood was more than I expected. Consequently I have added two more cross-members for support and these are now included in the plan.

Build this cradle boat PDF Print E-mail
Written by ROGER LACEY   

Cradle BoatA cradle boat for baby is an ideal father's project, and when I got the news that I was going to be the father of a baby girl I thought that maybe I could get out of redecorating the baby's room if I embarked on a special project under the house. The idea of building a cradle boat was inspired by photos in an old magazine so I went bought a copy of The Expectant Father's Cradle Boat Book. However, the boats were either very basic or so intricate I'd be lucky to finish it in time for her 21st birthday.

Make your own linisher PDF Print E-mail

linisherA linisher is essentially two or more wheels in line with an abrasive belt and powered by a motor and with some means of tracking and tensioning. In this article we show you how to build this handy piece of equipment. A linisher is near the top of the list of the most-used tools in the workshop, whether for deburring steel to stop cuts in the hands, or sharpening tools and drills.

One man's scrap PDF Print E-mail
Written by TERRY SNOW   

scrapFine scrap-metal is at the heart of the art created by one man in his Waikato shed. Just like a giant knight in progress - a bigger-than-life-size armoured figure with barrel staves for a chest because "barrel curves look great and the wood polishes up well." In fact, Adrian Worsley doesn't have a shed so much as a scrapyard. That's a bit unkind. He has a treasure trove of scrap.

Convert your mill to CNC PDF Print E-mail

CNC MillI decided to convert my mill to computerised control in order to remove the limitations of manual slide movements. My impulse buy of a sale-item Chinese vertical mill seemed a great idea at the time, but the severe limitations of manual slide-movements soon made themselves apparent. Trying to cut a smooth arc by hand is almost impossible.

Make a portable barbecue PDF Print E-mail
Written by WAYNE FERGUSON   

bbqIn this issue we create a simple Japanese hibachi or portable barbecue for summer. When I started to think about this project, I first had to ask "what is a hibachi?" You see different styles on the Internet and in stores. I see some of the mass production portable barbecues done in cast iron and some with gas cylinders, but the design I started thinking about is much simpler and just uses charcoal or wood chips.