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Ramping it up PDF Print E-mail
Written by BOB HULME   

RampFor these ramps, angle iron is easy to work with, is rugged, easy to weld and not too expensive. Plywood is also easy to work with and is very strong for its size. Care must be taken, though, as plywood does deteriorate over time if not cared for.

I have used a 15º angle for the ramp slope. If you have a particularly low car, 11º should work better. Each ramp is 370 mm wide, including the angle iron frame, and a metre long in total. The top platform where the tyres rest is a 300 mm square of ply, a width that suits wider tyres. Use angle iron for the stop. The shorter cross-piece in the middle of the ramp is designed not to stick out beyond the edge. The job needs 6500 mm of angle iron.