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One man's scrap PDF Print E-mail
Written by TERRY SNOW   


This fitter and turner-cum-artist works in two worlds. In one, his historic creations business in Te Aroha in the heart of the Waikato is about making furniture with a difference. His work is rustic, chunky, replete with metal and always different from what you might expect. A chest of drawers made from telegraph pole crossbars anyone? At the local Ironique cafe, he was given free reign to put in a shovel basin, hedge-clipper handles on the doors, a saw-framed mirror, a toilet-roll holder made from a spanner.

In the other world he inhabits, it's all about sculpture from scrap metal. In the yard curling around the back of the large warehouse where he works are alcoves of chains, springs, metal bars, tubes, taps, name it.