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The Shed is a magazine focused on the legion of Kiwis who tinker in their sheds or garages. This generation has access to equipment undreamt of by their forebears, and the leisure to undertake these pursuits.

As tools become more affordable and ever more sophisticated, the demand for projects to exploit them grows. Thus… The Shed. This magazine is for those who, on any weekend, are among the legions of people whose backyards hum, buzz, fizz and thump to the sound of a nation making their dreams come real.

The Shed is an eclectic mix of disciplines incorporating woodworking, engineering, plastics and design. Our aim is to maintain the interest of the relatively experienced, while providing the beginner with fundamental skills and inspiration.

The Shed
magazine highlights workshops, tools and techniques and various characters within the DIY community. Its projects are pitched at an intermediate skill level, with some advanced projects for inspiration.

The Shed
magazine also caters for beginners in a series of basic articles on areas such diverse as welding, engineering, woodworking and woodturning.

From its first issue, The Shed magazine has produced the goods. Following diagrams, designs and step-by-step photos, readers have learnt how to build trailers, chairs, boxes, cabinets, to turn bowls, build machinery and construct an outdoor pizza oven.

There are also articles containing news, tips, new products, tool talk, design discussions and views inside the sheds of the most ingenious and savviest "sheddies" around – whether they’re making aircraft, restoring cars, building boats or making furniture.

By highlighting skills common to all of these, The Shed magazine will be of interest to everyone who has or uses or wishes they had their own shed.