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When your home is alone PDF Print E-mail

When your home is alone

How do you keep your home secure when you are away? Get a microprocessor to manage the lights as if someone is home. This project uses an Arduino and wireless remote-controlled power outlets (plugged into your wall sockets) to create an illusion to an outside observer that someone is in the house.
It’s been designed to offer security if the house is empty, to be set up by anyone and run on its own. You don’t need to interfere with your house wiring and there are no hazardous voltages to worry about when putting it together.
The inspiration for this project came from a phone call. The other person said he had used a number of timers to make it look as if someone was home when he was away from the house but the cheap timers stopped. I suggested this would be a perfect starting point for some “home automation.”
At the same time, we could introduce certain random events but control when they occur— using plug-in lights to light a room or shine on the curtains will be enough to fool most people. Introducing random “events” such as the bathroom or toilet light turning on at various times will add to this illusion.

Download the Arduino files here Home Minder

Read more in the latest issue of The Shed

Arduino 101 Part 3 article PDF Print E-mail

Below are the individual sketches for Arduino 101 Part 3 article in the Dec12-Jan 2013 issue of The Shed.
Click title to download - files are zipped.

Pot PWM sketch

LDR sketch

Serial Read sketch

Map sketch for the LDR

Temp relay

The temp sensor sketch requires that you install the One Wire library first.  Follow the instructions in the article to learn how to install libraries.

Automotive Electric Radiator Fan Controller PDF Print E-mail

This sketch uses a modern temperature sender and an Arduino Controller, to control Electric Fans fitted to a vehicle.
It employs error checking to detect the sender, and 'fails to safety' by turning the Fan Relay ON if an error is detected. Driver warning is provided by a separate LED to show self-test and error indications.

The unit can be easily calibrated to suit particular thermostat temperatures, and stores the value in the EEPROM.

The hardware is described in the Aug/Sept 2012 issue.

Download the pde file here (zipped)

Water Temperature Light PDF Print E-mail

The sketch uses a modern temperature sender, to control the Water Temperature warning light, common on some classic cars of the sixties and seventies.

It includes a self check with visual confirmation to the driver, as well as controlling the light to signal the vehicle warming up, 90°C and 100°C by flashing or making the light illuminate solidly.

The hardware is described in the April/May 2012 issue.

This sketch runs only the Water Temperature Light function. Download the pde file here (zipped)

This sketch will combine both the Variable Wiper (Apr/May) and Water Temperature Light (June/July) functions in the same controller.

Download the pde file here (zipped)

Variable Wiper April/May 2012 PDF Print E-mail

Variable Wiper

This sketch controls a relay via a transistor, which is connected across the park contact on a Windscreen Wiper.
Pressing the Start button, gives a single wipe, and if the button is pressed again within 30 secs, will continue at the interval between button press's.
Pressing the Start button after a wipe cycle will change the interval to the time between wipe and press.

Pressing of the Stop button halts the cycle, unless the start button is pressed within 30 secs.
Wipe interval will be the interval between Stop and Start button being pressed.

Delays have been removed to allow a secondary function to run at the same time.

Download the pde file here (zipped)